The Examination

(Photo by Luca Trufarelli)

The Examination is a documentary theatrical performance work exploring mental health and human rights in the prison system in the UK and Ireland. Based on historical research and interviews with current life-sentence serving prisoners and performed by stand-up comedian and former prisoner Willie White with Gary Keegan. 

Winner of Best production Irish Times Theatre Awards 2020

Winner of Best Production and Best Performer at Dublin Fringe Festival 2019

A non-sequential series of short animations commissioned by Broken Talkers theatre company to accompany prisoner accounts of prison conditions and historical evidence. The production schedule for the performance and creation of the animations lasted approximately 10 weeks. The production design encompassed digital and analogue techniques including stop motion, sequential photography, pixilation, motion graphics and digital animation. The animations were also designed to be projection mapped onto a unique set design by Ger Clancy which used forced perspective to evoke a three dimensional prison cell on a flat surface suitable for projection. The projected animations either reinforced this illusion or used the flat surface as a traditional screen through the performance. The software used for the production included Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere.