Visual Reference – Comic Source Material

The full comic I’m adapting for my short film as originally presented.

My intention is to follow the black and white aesthetic of the comic in the production of the film and as I progress in the adaptation process I would like to explore using colour in a controlled way and it’s potential to support the narrative. With regard to the character design, I am going to use the storyboard process to find out what will be required of the character in terms of movement. This will help me to understand what adaptation to make to the hair, clothes and body design.

Visual Reference – Source Material Overview

The source material for my film comes from a comic that I co-created with my partner, artist Sadhbh Lawlor. It’s from a series called The Melancholic Wife and her Perpetrating Husband, Sadhbh wrote the stories for the series and I illustrated them. Briefly, the artistic aim of the series is to explore narratives in a short story form and examine the use/misuse of simplistic labels to try describe the complexity of a whole person. There was a conscious decision made to not show either of the main characters faces in the comic so that the reader was encountering them through the words of the narrative, the label that is their names and the actions of the characters in response to situations.

The Melancholic Wife has been the focus of four episodes of the series.

This is her first appearance in episode one.

Episode three.

An appearance in episode six, a Perpetrating Husband story.

Episode seven.