One thought on “Splitting Borders No.286

  1. Saul and Winnie have featured before on Splitting Borders, being the well-loved dogs of Sadhbh's brother and sister-in-law, so you may be familiar with them. Winnie was their first arrival soon followed by Saul. They sent us some beautiful words about their experience adopting so we thought we’d share some of them here; 'Seeing how Jamie was with the lads made me fall even more in love with him..the lads have definitely brought the best out in both of us.''The biggest part of my experience of adopting the two lads is this..Realising their vulnerability, and how much they need affection. Dogs without a family are not that different to kids without a family. Just like people, they are very resilient and can put up with an aweful amount of cruelty, which I think can blind everyone to how much they suffer. People need them, they need people. Simple as that.'


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