One thought on “Splitting Borders No.300

  1. Welcome to Splitting Borders 300th strip. We thought we would celebrate by trying a slightly different format. We hope you enjoy!Now we must get to some house-keeping. If you have been following along with us over the past year or so you will know that we formulated Splitting Borders to achieve two goals- 1) to help Gary find his way back to the visual arts after a protracted illness and 2) as a project that both Gary and I could work on in a collaborative manner. I am very glad to say that at this point in time we feel we have achieved these goals.Gary is now working full-time pursuing his illustration career and we have, as of today, successfully collaborated on 300 art pieces together. But that is only the start of it. As we have fully opened our arms to a creative life, many other opportunities have come our way; some things as a couple and also some exciting individual projects. Gary is just about to start work on a children’s book and I am currently part of a group that won a bursary to make a knitted art piece. So much has changed since we set our goals and we have decided to make some changes going forward.Instead of 5 strips a week, we have decided to post 3. For now we have decided to post Monday through Wednesday but as Splitting Borders has always been about experimentation, that could change in the future. We’ll keep you posted. We took this decision so that we could maintain the standard we have come to expect from ourselves. We want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your kind support of our web-comic. It has been brilliant interacting with you all on a daily basis. We hope that you will continue to tune in to Splitting Borders (even though there’s slightly less of us!).


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