One thought on “Splitting Borders No.305

  1. Dear Readers,(Do we just ‘read’ comics? Should I say ‘Dear Looker/Reader or would you think I was trying to butter you up with compliments….’Hey there Looker, would you like to read/look at my comic book?’ Does Looker translate into other cultures? Being a ‘Looker’ here means being good looking. I’ve written looking so much now it has lost all meaning. What is good looking anyway? Is it not that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? I have lost all sense and reason now, let me start again.)Dear Reader (Looker) (Reader/Looker),Our 300th celebration story reaches its conclusion today. We hope you have enjoyed it. If you have been following along you may have seen that there is a new four legged friend in town. Professor Bhaer* is his name and this has been our way of introducing him to you. Gary and I have been in discussions for a long time about expanding the brood and after completing the adoption series here on Splitting Borders we decided the time was right to go for it. We are very excited to get to know this little man. He is still at his foster home but we are picking him up on Friday (just three more sleeps). We are getting ourselves, the house and most importantly Pomegranate ready for this new arrival. So I would say (from experience) get ready to see our new adventure with fur baby number 2 on Splitting Borders. Watch this space.*As you may or may not know, Professor Bhaer is a character from the book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. This was one of my favourite books growing up so when Professor Bhaer showed up all the stars aligned and we knew he was the kitten for us. We are waiting to get to know him before settling on an abbreviation of his name so it could be ‘The Prof’, or ‘Bhaer’ or ‘Friedrich’ or ‘Fred’. We’ll keep you posted.


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