One thought on “Splitting Borders No.333

  1. This Saturday, the 11th of October, there will be a national protest in Dublin city centre about new water charges in Ireland. There is a ton of information out there at the moment. We here will not direct you towards any of it but we do urge everyone to go seek out this information and make up your own mind about this change. It affects everybody and as with everything, education is your friend. There are local meetings popping up all over the country where you can get information, support, have an open debate and you can have an opportunity to use your voice. Fear campaigns from anyone can be crushing, fear can lead us to make decisions that go against our morals and gut instincts. Get the information. We have made up our own minds but we do not begin to imagine knowing anybodies personal circumstances. Get informed, read the small print, read between the lines, have the debate, stay open, listen to your fear and try to share it. Nobody is alone in this. Get the support you need to make the best decision for you and your family.


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