Colouring the Portraits.

I talked to Sadhbh about her colouring of this piece and when I asked about her approach this is what she had to say;
I love black and white illustration so when I go in with colour I have some fear that I’ll take away from the original line-work. Conversely I want to impress upon it my own personality which is challenging again because it exists already in black and white upon which the viewer has impressed their own personality. I wanted my colouring to have a natural yet fantastical feel. I wanted to honour the intricate drawing with involved colouring. In the end it is an experiment rather than the definitive, it’s a chance to play around and ad a different kind of vibrancy without taking it too seriously. Though within minutes of finishing I start to think its lame and there could be a better way to do it. Sigh.

I wish I could have such a detailed head-dress, though probably what I’m really wishing for is a fantastical world in which you could wear such a head-dress and not look like a lunatic walking around. It reminds me of the old BBC Narnia series, which I loved, the nymphs and such-like. Although it’s likely more my personalised nostalgia vision than what was actually described in the book or portrayed on the screen. But in a land of myth where animals can talk anything is possible.

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