Professional Project

McVerry Trust Presentation

We received a presentation from Aisling Hussey, Digital Communications Officer for the McVerry Trust. She presented us with the main goals of the trust’s communication strategy, which included:

  • Positivity
  • Respect for the person
  • Conscientious use of imagery
  • Challenge peoples perceptions and the stereotypes associated with homelessness
  • Raise awareness
In relation to the work of the Trust, Aisling emphasised that they employ a Housing First model. The Housing First model focuses on the immediate provision of long term/permanent accommodation for the homeless with supports and services subsequently built around the needs of each individual. Further information on the Housing First model can be found on the Trust’s website.

We were also presented with two further interviews to adapt for the project, Jimmy and Cheryl & Mark. We were then each assigned a specific interview to develop to animatic pitch stage and I will be working on the Dwayne – Home for Good film.

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