Digital Page Layouts

The pages of the album follow a seasonal theme, there are four pages for the four seasons and the four stages of the journey that Dwayne describes. The album begins in summer with the first page illustrating Dwayne leaving the hostel. The animation will be occurring inside the frame so I was free to fill the outside with decorative features, bearing in mind that I would have to be prepared to let some of the details go if they took away from the animation.

Summer page.
The next page is autumnal in tone. The goal here was to convey an abundant harvest, celebratory feel as Dwayne describes being able to have his family over for dinner in his new home. The film here cuts to a pan and the internal frame fills the screen so I felt freer to illustrate the external with some more minute details. These included leaves and acorns, fruit and tree roots. The internal frame has to act as a stage for the animation to play on so is less detailed. I attempted to convey a homely sense through the flowery wallpaper pattern. 
Autumn page.

Turning to the winter page, the colours change to cool blues and whites. The page design also turns more minimal. This hopefully communicates the starkness of the season as Dwayne describes being unable to have people over while living in the hostel. I added a wallpaper element to help emphasise the coldness but again with the caveat that if it interfered with the animation it would need to go. For this page the we are going to animate a snowstorm occurring outside the walls of the internal frame. This hopefully communicates the protection the hostel offers.

Winter page.

The last page is the spring page and the colour theme here is green. The main job for this page is to act as a stage for the cut-out animation which will occur. Paper hands will reach in to pick up the picture of Dwayne’s daughter and we will transition to the hands placing the picture on a wall of pictures in Dwayne’s home. This page has been made simpler than the concept as that seemed too busy when actually creating it digitally.
Spring page.

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