Industry Research Assignment

We have been tasked with researching relevant roles within the animation industry which we might pursue on completing the degree course. My intention on beginning this course was to evaluate the possibility of switching my career from freelance illustration and art instruction to an animation position at an established studio. Taking account of my experience to date on the course I feel that the role most suited to my present skillset and career experience would be in the pre-production sector of the animation industry. More specifically I would like to focus on storyboarding and visual development.

I began my research by browsing the websites of some of the main studios operating in Ireland at this time, including Brown Bag Films, Boulder Media, Cartoon Saloon and Jam Media. Some of the sites offered a behind the scenes insight into the studios themselves. These included interviews with staff and glimpses into the production process. Referencing their jobs pages as well the most relevant positions included; storyboard revisionist from junior to senior levels; conceptual design and character design.

Further research into storyboarding revealed that a significant amount of this type of work is hired out in a freelance model.

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