Keyframe Seminar

This week Keyframe, a three day animation seminar was being held by the college in the local library. Some of the speakers who I felt were relevant to my research were;

Suzanne Blake, an animatic editor at Boulder Media. Suzanne’s talk gave me a good insight into what’s expected from a storyboard artist and the visual process of getting the work to a suitable standard for animatic editing.

Chris Dicker, head of development at Jam Media, spoke about the process of bringing a show from concept through to commissioning. His talk was rich in details relating to the story and visual development process including; when to hold strong to important creative choices; when to compromise for the better development of the show; maintaining a strong visual identity. He also shared experiences of industry showcases and pitching to commissioners. While not relevant to me personally at this point in my career, it is information to hold on to for the future.

Krystal Georgiou, a storyboard artist with Gingerbread Animation, spoke about her own process and the storyboard process as a whole in the animation industry. Having worked as a freelance storyboard artist and now being employed by a company, her talk was very informative as to the employment conditions related to storyboarding. Krystal also used examples of her own work and others work to communicate the importance of film language to communicate the emotional narrative within a film and the importance of the storyboarding phase in creating this.

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