The Melancholic Wife and her Perpetrating Husband

The Melancholic Wife and her Perpetrating Husband emerged out of the ongoing sequential work of Splitting Borders. It came from a desire to explore narratives in a short story format and examining the use / misuse of simplistic labels to try to describe the complexity of a whole person.

Each episode centres alternately on the wife and then the husband, the scripts were solely written by Sadhbh Lawlor and there have been seven episodes to date. The first four episodes were DIY published in zine form in 2015.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7


Oliver & Emily in the Frightful Forest

A picture book concept for five to eight year old’s. Set in medieval times, Oliver is a knight in training and his brave friend Emily goes missing in the Frightful Forest.

What will Oliver do next?


Collider (sometimes referred as Collider World) is a 2013 Irish-Portuguese co-produced drama/science fiction film distributed by beActive Entertainment. The film acts as the core for a transmedia project developed for various platforms.

The world premiere was scheduled for January 10, 2014, taking place in Dublin.

A 6-issue comic book series alongside a graphic novel were written by Mike Garley and illustrated by myself, R H Stewart, Jack Tempest, Will Pickering and Martin Simmonds. The comics are available as digital downloads on iTunes and Google Play.

In addition to the comics, a graphic novel is available on Amazon, the Apple iBookstore, and on paperback edition in major comic stores around Europe.